The article deals with problems of small and medium-sized businesses development in Ukraine. The social and economic functions of small and medium-sized businesses are outlined. Statistical indicators of small and medium-sized businesses and individuals-entrepreneurs activity is analyzed.

Support of the Students Entrepreneurial Intentions Within the Higher Education System

Entrepreneurial intentions refer to a state of mind that directs and guides the actions of the individual toward the development and implementation of a new business concept. Educational support is perceived as a determinant of entrepreneurial intentions, for the reason of providing the students with necessary knowledge about entrepreneurship.

The main aim of this article is to present the role of university education in shaping the entrepreneurial intentions among students in Ukraine and Poland and the forms of university support which students prefer when start own business.

Characteristic peculiarities of main crowdfunding websites

The purpose of this article is to formulate the description of crowdfunding as an alternative financial instrument and to systematize the information about international experience of crowdfunding operations in order to provide the necessary information base for further detailed researches. The practical significance of the research is to develop recommendations for using the crowdfunding models of funds accumulation for small business and entrepreneurship in Ukraine.

Strengthening micro-entrepreneurship for the disadvantaged youth in Middle East and North Africa

The article presents the research of tools that stimulate micro-entrepreneurship for unemployed youth, facilitate self-employment, formalize entrepreneurship and lessen the gender gap in business. The proposals
developed are aimed at creating new business opportunities for the unemployed young people. Centers of Professional Orientation and Integration (CPOI) create and utilize online database, combining business and education resources.
This database is the key element of the system as it accumulates information about labor market for CPOI,