institutions of higher education

Distance education technologies in higher education: acciological and legal basis

The  decisive  feature  of  educational  technology  is  the  progressive,  often  progressive 
nature of their development in terms of technical means. The bottom line is that the total input 
of the computer into the educational sphere requires careful review, analysis of allcomponents 
of  the  learning  process.  In  the  distance  learning,  the  following  Internet  technologies  are 
actively  used:  virtual  communities  -  focus  on  communication,  which  determines  the  effective 

Academic mobility of ukrainian study in globalized space: philosophical and legal aspects

In  the  article  on  the  basis  of  the  current  national  legislation  taking  intoaccount  modern 
challenges,  an  innovative  model  of  higher  education  institution  inUkraine  is  outlined.  In  the 
system  of  institutions  of  higher  education  of  Ukraine,  the  following  four  main  types  of 
ownership  can  be  distinguished:  it  is  a  state-owned  higher  education  institution  established  by 
the  state  financed  from  the  statebudget  and  subordinated  to  the  relevant  central  executive