national consciousness

Influence press second half of xix – the first third of the twentieth century in the formation of the new structure, national conscious citizen

Printed publications professional-business partnerships kept the focus issues that contributed to the formation of national identity, consolidating the nation to Ukrainian Galicia realized – he and his European place among the European nations. A characteristic feature of publications on this subject was an appeal to the individual, not to the readership. That wording thus lifted role of the individual, his personality, not some abstract collective team.

The role of national consciousness phenomenon in the state-legal space

The article analyzes the problem of national identity value for the state-legal space. It’s positioned that consciousness of separate individual creates views, ideas, feelings about current or desired law, state, social and governmental processes. In state-government activities – national consciousness of the individual affects not only on the individual level, but also generates comprehensive national mass intentions. It’s stated that unacceptable is a form of government, contrary to the spirit and consciousness, mental attributes of the people that generates it.

Ukrainian immigration press of Canada and USA as a factor of adoption of Ukrainian statehood

Ukraine and immigration processes in Ukraine began to attract the attention of scientists and researchers from their origin. Basically they were all the same immigrants who, being in new surroundings, were able to study the phenomenon of emigration “from the inside”. At the stage of building a legal sovereign state Ukraine becoming increasingly important processes in the public life of the Ukrainian people in the country and abroad.

Theoretical and methodological analysis of the nationally patriotic education of students

The article is devoted to the analysis of nationally patriotic education of students. Particularly this issue is concerned to be burning among other problems that are brought before universities and it is related to the problem of specialists training that in 21 century will take upon themselves the formation of a state, its socially-political and economic development, public order and armed forces.