Borrowings in the system of Ukrainian financial and economic termi-nology: the problems of adaptation

The article deals with the actual problem of loan words in modern Ukrainian financial and economic terminology, particularly the issue of lexical and grammatical adaptation, transliteration, and spelling of borrowed terms. Specific attention is paid to anglicizes which are actively penetrating into the Ukrainian language due to the restructuring of the national market economy, and their proper adaptation by own verbal means.

On the problems of translation of Theophanous Prokopovych's rhetorical terms into Ukrainian

The article analyzes the difficulties and problems underlying the translation into Ukrainian of Latin rhetorical terms, used and explained in a treatise “On the rhetorical art” by Theophanous Prokopovych (1707), taking into account modern tendencies in scientific and technical terminology organizing. Based on the conducted research and the review of current tendencies in the Ukrainian scientific style a conclusion has been made concerning the similarity of numerous phenomena and processes in the scientific language of the XVIII century and nowadays.