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Legal activity in the economy

The professionalism of the lawyer most complete and versatile manifested in the
activities, behavior and communication. According to scientific sources, activities – a person
active interaction with the environment, during which a person acts as an action focused on an
object and thus satisfy their needs. Activity – specific form of relationship to the world and
himself, as manifested in purposeful change and transformation of the world and human

Responsibility for environmental, including st.246 – illegal cutting of forests

Destruction of forests in Ukraine is one of the current challenges that concern not only environmental, but also ordinary citizens. Uncontrolled deforestation, especially in winter, reaches a critical level. Every day, thousands of illegally felled trees. Experts note that the most objective of reducing the area of the Ukrainian forests and felling oldest arrays show pictures from space.

Subjects of examination of applications for indastrial property

The term “expert” is perceived as determine whether the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the object set standards desired level. The object undergoing examination, checking for compliance with its established or preferences. Thus, the examination – a first test, research and solving involving experienced people issues that require special znan.U current conditions there is need for expertise in different areas and levels of human activity. These factors lead to a variety of examinations carried out in any area of social activity.