Problemic aspects of the legal regulation of the administrative services centers activities

: 111-114
assistant of the department of administrative and information law Institute of Jurisprudence, Psychology and Innovative Education Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article is devoted to the interpretation of the concepts and legal status of “common”,
“outgoing” and “mobile” Administrative Service Centers, as well as the electronic providing of
administrative services.
The decentralization of power is being actively pursued, which is to delegate most of the
powers to local governments. The quality of providing administrative services is one of the
most important factors that will affect the effectiveness of change and build public confidence
in local governments and public authorities. Since the inception of the Administrative Service
Centers, these have evolved significantly to this day. New realities leads to the emergence of
problematic aspects of their legal regulation and the needs for further improvement of
regulatory acts.
Legal regulation of the functioning of “common”, “outgoing” and “mobile”
Administrative Service Centers requires adaptation of the Ukrainian legislation to the
requirements of the present, consolidation of the their legal status. It is necessary to define to
the Law of Ukraine “About Administrative Services” the unified approach to the concepts of
“common”, “outgoing” and “mobile” Administrative Service Centers. The problematic aspects
of two approaches to the creation of “common” Administrative Service Centers are considered
and the ways of their solution are suggested. An approximate memorandum of understanding
for a “common” Administrative Service Centers is needed to outline all the major issues of
interaction. The legal regulation of the providing of electronic services and the role of
Administrative Service Centers in this process are investigated. Reforming and providing
electronic administrative services considerable experience in organizing processes, on such
problematic aspects as protection of personal information in the Internet, equal access to
citizens regardless of welfare and others.

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Krykavska I. V. "Problemic aspects of the legal regulation of the administrative services centers activities"