Theoretical-legal aspects of heronto education in Ukraine

: 28-34
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

On the basis of current national legislation, international legal acts analyze thetheoretical and legal aspects of gerontoeducation in Ukraine. It is substantiated that lifelonglearning is a prerequisite for ensuring the right to education and employment for the elderly.In particular, the Declaration of the International Conference on Aging emphasizes that thelack of opportunity to receive education in the elderly can cause alienation, isolation,separation of generations, marginalization and more. It is proved that the content and priorityof social policies of gerontoeducation should be in line with the strategy of socio-economicdevelopment of the country, the region and be determined on the basis of scientifically-basedassessment of the severity and importance of the problems posed by life, as well as taking intoaccount the needs and interests of senior citizens.

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Harasymiv T. Z. "Theoretical-legal aspects of heronto education in Ukraine"