Method of Multiplexing of Timer Signal Structures Based on Ofdm Technology

: pp. 41 - 44
О. S. Popov Odessa national academy of telecommunications
О. S. Popov Odessa national academy of telecommunications
О. S. Popov Odessa national academy of telecommunications

The method of multiplexing of timer signal structures. based on OFDM technology was considered. This technology is used in many data transmission standards, both in wired channels — asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), and in wireless networks — the standards of IEEE 802.11a and HiperLAN/2. OFDM is characterized by high spectral efficiency, resistance to radio frequency interference, low level of multi-path distortion. The OFDM is implemented by multiplexing some number of broadband signals with orthogonal multiplexing and simultaneously transmitting them at different subcarrier frequencies. This technology is developed for discharge-digital codes (DDC), therefore it cannot be fully compatible with non- position signal structures, such as timed signal structures (TSS). In researching, the further development of OFDM technology is aimed at increasing the security of transmitted data based on TSS. As sources of broadband non-position signals, it was proposed to use TSS, which allows to increase the structural and information privacy of the transmission in comparison with the DDC. For this reason, it is important to introduce TSC into advanced data transmission technologies to increase the stealth indicators. The aim of the work is the development of the algorithm for multiplexing timer signals based on the principles of OFDM technology.

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