solar collector


The work is devoted to the analysis of the need for the development of solar collectors integrated into the design of the building / structure glass facade. In particular, the necessity for Ukraine to develop renewable energy sources through the parameter of energy intensity of the Ukraine gross domestic product and the physical wear of the installation in fuel-energy complex. It was analyzed that the solar energy as one of the types of generally available resources in the field of alternative technologies has been prospects for development.

Improvement of digital thermometric units for solar collector investigations

The analysis of requirements for metrological parameters of digital temperature meters and temperature difference meters for solar collectors’ investigations been done in the article. Under the regulations requirements a minimum temperature drop not exceed 1,5 K, and for the maximum relative error of temperature measurement not more ±2% it provide the absolute error of temperature drop measurement near ±0,030 K, and their measurement unit list significant digit 0,01 K.

Analytical Studies of Coolant Temperature in Solar Panel

An analysis of existing solar heating systems has been carried out. The dependence of the annual flow of solar radiation on the solar panel on the azimuthal angle γ and the angle of inclination of the surface, which can be used for studying surfaces with an arbitrary number of orientations, was obtained. The thermal balance for a given solar panel is presented for a certain period of time.

Метод розрахунку параметрів системи сонячного теплопостачання із геліопанелями

Known methods of hot water systems was analyzed. Method of calculation of solar heating of heliopanels was proposed. Algorithm for computer calculation of solar heating of heliopanels was developed. Taken into account the impact of direct and diffuse solar radiation on the efficiency heliopanel.

Rise of use effectiveness of solar energy in solar systems

This article coves the results of investigation of solar radiation incoming on the solar collectors. Dependence between the amount of discreet orientations of the solar collector and efficiency of work of its system has been established. The results of the experimental researches of one constant and four variable orientations of the collector on the Sun are given. The dependence between different orientations of the absorber and different constructional overall dimensions are determined.