Geological and geophysical conditions of traces of the distribution of seismic waves from explosions on open pits

Results of comparison of a geological structure of environment along traces of seismic rays from explosions in open pits and the registered form of record at the GO “Mikhnevo” are resulted. It is shown, that among the factors, defining “a wave portrait” of explosion, are the presence of fractures and the geological structures of different age specifying azimuthal heterogeneity of EEP structure.

The role of geodynamics in spatial distribution of traditional and nontraditional deposits of hydrocarbon resources of Dniprovsko-Donetska depression

Target. Finding subordination of spatial distribution of hydrocarbon accumulation of different types because of region geodynamics.Methods. The main stages of sedimentary cover forming of Dniprovsko-Donetska depression have been characterized, geodynamic factors led to forming of paleolandscapes have been studied, paleogeomorphic and lithology-facial reconstructions have been done, peculiarities of sedimentation processes, forming of composition and structure of sedimentary complexes and distribution of hydrocarbon accumulation of different types there have been fixed. Results.