Theoretical and methodological analysis of the nationally patriotic education of students

The article is devoted to the analysis of nationally patriotic education of students. Particularly this issue is concerned to be burning among other problems that are brought before universities and it is related to the problem of specialists training that in 21 century will take upon themselves the formation of a state, its socially-political and economic development, public order and armed forces.

Terrorism in the form of struggle for national sovereignty before problem statement

This paper investigates the philosophical meaning of terrorism in the context of the struggle for national sovereignty. The question concerning the relationship of national sovereignty and terrorism. Correlation and differences between some acts of terrorism and the struggle for national sovereignty and guerrilla wars. Installed incorrect interpretation of terrorism as one of the logical sequels and consequences of the national liberation struggle.

Methodology study and development communication culture

A communicative turn in modern philosophy from subjectivity to subjectivities envisages the different conceptual going both near communication and to the forms and facilities of her recreation that touches deep vital orientations and has free character. Therefore world view of attitude in industry of communicative philosophy consists foremost in that legal rationalism lines up on the improved universal human rights, legal legitimation of power, free discussion of moral and political alternatives.