Instructions to Authors


Articles are published on the subject of a scientific journal and should correspond to the current level of science and technology, be up-to-date, not previously published in other editions. The author of the article is responsible for the accuracy of the presented material, the absence of plagiarism and the correctness of the conclusions, the correct citation of scientific sources and the references to them.

Articles written in Ukrainian or in English are accepted. The volume of the article together with the abstract — 5-10 A4 pages (including tables, graphs, figures).

Requirements for the article:

The texts of articles are typed in the text editor Microsoft Word 97, Word XP, Word 2003, according to the following requirements:

  1. Format of edition A4 (210×297 mm).
    1. indentation: left — 1.8 cm, right — 2.5 cm, top — 2 cm, bottom — 2.7 cm; to the footer — 1.25 cm, to the bottom — 1.6 cm.
    2. lower column, centered on page.
  2. Main text: Times New Roman font, font size 11. The first line indentation is 1 cm. The line spacing is 1.1. Format exception.
  3. Drawings and graphics in the article are cut into the section of the page, depending on the size. Times New Roman, 10, italics. All drawings and graphics are made in the form of separate objects in size, which correspond to the parameters of the page. The drawings are signed and numbered (if more than one) under the figure, in the center of the text (abbreviation: Fig. Number).
  4. Spreadsheets are submitted as separate objects in MS Excel format or in MS Word with the dimensions given on the assembly page. In front of the table indicate the numbering header (for example, Table 1) — 11 skittles, at the right edge of the table, in italics. The main text of the table (in the graphs) is served with 10 pins. The names of the tables are placed in the center of page 11 pins, bold, straight.
  5. Formulas are fed in Equation 3-5, centered in the middle of the text and numbered in parentheses on the right. MS Word font: normal — 11 pt, large index — 9 pt, small index — 7 pt, large symbol — 18 pt, small symbol — 11 pt.

The order of registration

In the first line on the right indicate UDC (bold); each of the following lines indicates:

  1. The initials and surnames of the co-authors indicate the comma and the space (bold), the exception — the right.
  2. The names and addresses of the organizations in which the co-authors (author) work, the exception is the right.
  3. Title of the article — Times, 14, capital letters, bold, in the middle.
  4. «©» sign, names of co-authors (author), italics, exception — left.
  5. Annotations in Ukrainian and English (up to 400-500 characters; italics), bold, left indentation — 1 cm, first line indentation — 1 cm; the word abstract is not required.
  6. Keywords (not more than 8 words, after corresponding annotation), bold, left indentation — 1 cm, first line indentation — 1 cm.
  7. The text of the article in Ukrainian in compliance with the structure (each subtitle of the article — Times New Roman, 11, lowercase letters, bold, in the middle):
    1. Formulation of the problem.
    2. Analysis of recent research and publications.
    3. Formulating the purpose of the article.
    4. Presenting main material.
    5. Conclusions.
    6. References (according to DSTU 7.1: 2006) — Times New Roman, 11, малими літерами, курсив.
    7. Reference (in Latin, with name translation and transliteration of Ukrainian and Russian publications).
    8. Abstract of the article in English (on a separate page, 0.5-1 pages, design according to the requirements of the article only without annotations, the list of sources used and Reference). Subheadings of the abstract:
      • Research Methodology. 
      • Results. 
      • Novelty. 
      • Practical Significance. 

The following should be submitted to the editorial board of the journal:

  1. The text of the article in compliance with the above requirements (2 copis and an electronic version).
  2. Information about the author in Ukrainian and English languages: surname, patronymic; degree, title, position, place of work, university, city, country. Phone number and address for collection.

After editorial board members have reviewed the submitted article and the reviewers have given a recommendation for publication, the author is informed about the permission for its publication. The article may be returned for revision.