About Professor Andriy Rudnytskyi

“The main objective of my professional activity is to be a so-called “interlink” between generations of our forefathers and our descendants. During the whole period of my work at Lviv Polytechnic University, I saw my primary task in maintenance of the traditional high level of educational, methodological and academic work of our team that was developed throughout centuries. We need to preserve the heritage in the sphere of methodology, at the European level of education, in the essence of creative and academic fundamentals. Feeling and understanding my personal responsibility for this, I tried to do my best to achieve this goal. Naturally, I would never be able to do it without the support of our team…”

(A. Rudnytskyi, 2008)

Professor Andriy Rudnytskyi

December 4, 1928 (Lviv) — August 26, 2009 (Lviv)

Full member of the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture, Honoured Worker of the Public Education of Ukraine, full member of T. Shevchenko Scientific Society, Doctor of Architecture, Professor, Honoured Professor of Lviv Polytechnic National University

1951 — graduated with honours from Lviv Polytechnic National University majoring in Architecture

1954 — started his teaching practice

1955 — received a degree of PhD in Architecture

1957 — received an academic title of the Associate Professor

1959 — became a member of the Union of Soviet Architectures of the USSR

1963 — 1964 — deputy dean of the Faculty of Construction Engineering

1967 — was elected as a Head of the Department of Architecture

1971 — 1982 — headed the new Department of Urban Planning after restoration of the Faculty of Architecture

1977 — 1991 — dean of the Faculty of Architecture

1983 — 1992 — headed Lviv organization of the Union of Architectures of Ukraine 

1989 — defended PhD thesis

1991 — received an academic title of the Professor

1992 — 2002 — established and headed the first in the Western Ukraine new specialized Department of Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Complexes

1993 — was elected as a head of the representative office of the St. Sophia Religious Association of Ukrainian Catholics in Ukraine

1995 — 2005 — restored and headed a specialized council for defense of theses on architecture

2002 — was elected as a full member of T. Shevchenko Scientific Society, head of the architectural section of T. Shevchenko Scientific Society, professor of the Department of Urban Planning

2008 — Honoured Professor of Lviv Polytechnic National University