Instructions to Authors

The editorial board of the journal "Computer Systems and Networks" annually announces a set of articles.

The journal accepts articles reflecting the results of research on topical issues of computer engineering and information technology in the field of the theory and development of general and specialized computer systems, computer tools for solving digital signal processing tasks, computer networks, automated design and management.

For publication of articles, contact the docent of the department of electronic calculation machines Paramud Yaroslav (507 aud.) or send a letter to

List of materials submitted for publication of the article in the journal

  1. A file with the text of an article on  CD (the CD disk is back).
  2. Printout of the article (2 copies).
  3. Two reviews from persons with a degree with a recommendation for printing (including one review from another organization).
  4. For authors
    • working in the Lviv Polytechnic National University: Extract protocol from session of the department.
    • who do not work in the Lviv Polytechnic National University: Letter from the organization to the vice-rector for scientific work Pih Z.G. with requesting inclusion of the article in the Proceeding (on the form of the organization).
  5. Information about the author (for each author on a separate sheet), in which it is indicated:
    • Full Name;
    • year of birth;
    • scientific degree, academic rank;
    • place of work and position;
    • numbers of service and home telephones;
    • E-mail.