: 91-105
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Marketing research of the market of antithrombotic agents of the B01 group in Ukraine in 2021, represented by 112 registered trade names, was carried out. A quantitative assessment of the ratio on the pharmaceutical market to the assortment of pharmaceutical products and dosage forms, and their manufacturers are given. The leaders of the countries-producers of imported products and substances are determined. The analysis of a group of antithrombotic agents using the chemical structure of active substances is carried out to determine the main pharmacophore fragments and the prospects for developing new antithrombotic agents. It has been shown that the prospects for the development of antithrombotic agents are mainly associated with the creation of generic drugs and new dosage forms for which the bioavailability and results of combination therapy are being studied. In addition, new bioactive compounds and prototypes of antithrombotic agents are being developed, both in the world and in Ukraine.

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