On the Problem of Human Resources in Ukrainian Private Health Care

: pp. 17 - 24
Transcarpathian Academy of Arts, Ukraine
Mukachevo State University, Ukraine
Uzhgorod National University, Ukraine

The article is devoted to the scientific analysis of human resources in the healthcare system of Ukraine, particularly in the private sector. The study is specifically concerned with the current staffing of the healthcare system of Ukraine with doctors and junior specialists with medical education. We analyzed the ratio of the main quantitative indicators of medical workforce in healthcare institutions of different forms of ownership, as well as the dynamics of indicators representing involvement of doctors of different specialties in the private healthcare practice. Acute issues concerning workforce in the private healthcare sector were identified and analysed, with a matter of pressing concern being inferior quality of professional training provided for medical staff. This research was aimed at substantiating the role of the state human resource policy in healthcare system and examining the political measures taken by the government in order to develop medical education and science, and to increase healthcare workforce potential. Conclusively, we formulated proposals regarding appropriate solutions to the human resource problems of the private healthcare service providers in Ukraine.

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