: pp.142-155
Faculty of Geography, Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University
Poltava National Pedagogical University named after V.G. Korolenko
Kaunas University of Technology
Kaunas University of Technology

The International Carpathian School is an educational project aimed at disseminating the Sustainable Development concept among local communities in Ukrainian Carpathians. Currently, the School combines the educational resources of 30 universities, including six foreign ones from the Baltic region and Georgia. The School curricula highlight issues of climate change, biodiversity conservation, municipal waste management and tourism business. Partner universities of the Baltic Sea Region are sharing their best experience in overcoming their post-Soviet heritage. In the midst of a pandemic disaster and large-scale war, the School focuses on informal and vocational education in hybrid online and in-person format within the framework of the "third" mission of universities. The mixed form of education provides a deeper understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals of Ukraine-2030 and the achievement of goals defined by Goal 4 "Quality education" and Goal 11 "Sustainable development of cities and communities". The combination of formal, informal and vocational education is on the agenda of the development of the Carpathian region and should be strengthened in the next program activities of the School. The relevance of educational activities and professional development of educators and local authorities is one of the key tasks that have been announced by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as one of the radical Ukrainian reforms. In view of this, the follow-up School activities are planned for training educators and local government specialists in the restoration of war-ravaged cities and infrastructure facilities, the revival of polluted lands, and the introduction of energy-saving and resource-saving technologies based on the circular economy.

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