Social Program

Gala Dinner

11.10.2018 19:30 Robert Doms Beer House Lviv (*)

Humble House of Robert Doms – mysterious and romantic, huge an underground world with an almost 10-year history, in which there are ancient vaults breathe the antiquity and atmosphere of a medieval beer house. Today's restaurant is one of the most popular places.

  • as among the inhabitants of the city of Lviv, and among the numerous tourists,
  • the spirit of brewing and always good and fresh Lviv beer attracts a large number of admirers.
  • Because: "Where brewing Lviv beer, there it is the most delicious!"
  • The restaurant offers Ukrainian and European cuisine, and tasting beer kits will satisfy the tastes of the most exquisite gourmet.

(*) Gala Venue may be change according to the possible increase of number of attendees.