: 110-122
Department of Design of architectural environment Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecturetel Odessa

Talk about the rich arsenal of decorative and artistic variations in the traditional living
architecture, consider the symbolism originated in the traditions. The decorative equipment of
residential buildings is determined by the indicator of the quality and originality of the
glorification of the national culture, which will support the relevance of the development of
cultural development and illumination of symbols.
About the formulation of architectural and artistic plastics of facades and a look through
the prism of architectural symbolism, about reading the information code embedded in symbols,
is known in the monographs of A.O. Kadurinа. The creation of links between elements of
ornamental motifs, as well as visual and morphological regularities - in the scientific works of
I.A. Yurchenko. Problems of ethnic self-identification in the multicultural space and the root of
art methods in the architectural design of the middle ground - the article of O.M. Tyurikova.
Purpose of the article: to conduct a detailed and comprehensive analysis of symbol
complexes in the traditional architecture of central Budzhak: the tree of the world, symbols of
fertility and status.
The image of the tree of the world and the symbols of natural elements (sun, water, earth,
midwife) immediately formed a group of symbols of the universe (65.2%). Prior to the symbols of
fertility (28.3%), the following are included: fruit, steams, wheat, grapes, kits, garlands of leaves,
kits and fruits, vases with kits and fruits. Status symbols (6.5%): heraldic lines, cartouches with
initials and the date the house was built. People's majstri introduced the first and most important
ideas of the establishment of the world, the greatness of the ministers of Vsesvit, as well as the
power of natural forces.
The presentation of the decorative and artistic features of various symbols and symbols in
the traditional architecture of central Budzhak encourages design with elements of ethno-art
traditions. The location of the symbols (the tree of peace, symbols of fertility and status), both on
the house itself and in the middle of the estate, is determined by the idea, meaning, as well as
constructive and compositional features.

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