Thematic areas of the Forum: 

  • The influence of Russian aggression on the agenda of Europe and the European Union.
  • Prospects for the development of EU’s Eastern Policy in the conditions of modern geopolitical challenges.
  • New formats of European cooperation: from economy to security.
  • The importance of CEE countries in shaping a new political and security order in Europe.
  • The role of diplomacy in the settlement of the current security crisis.
  • Ukrainian-Polish strategic cooperation in the face of modern geopolitical threats.
  • The EU and European partners in support of Ukraine and its post-war recovery.
  • European and Euro-Atlantic perspective of Ukraine in the context of the large-scale Russian invasion.
  • Transformation of policy of the Eastern Partnership countries in time of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Two round tables will be held within the Forum:

  1. The role of local self-government bodies in overcoming the consequences of the large-scale Russian
  2. The regional dimension of the EU Eastern Partnership Initiative: challenges, achievements and prospects

Announcement of the results of the essay competition on the topic: “Future of the European Union and Ukraine”