Requirements for proceedings

Editorial and technical requirements

(collective monograph)

  1. Text editor for Microsoft Word; file format .DOC or .DOCX; page size: A-4; all fields - 20 mm; font size - 14; The first line indent is 12.5.
  2. Times New Roman font (for all text, including links).
  3. Information about the author: in the upper left corner: in bold type the name and surname, as well as the lower link (with scientific rank, degree, name and surname, educational institution - the name of the institution, e-mail). At the end of this text, the center must include the name, telephone number and postal address, which will be removed from the text during the layout process.
  4. The title of the article: in large letters, in bold, alignment - in the center.
  5. The title of the article in foreign language: in capital letters, bold.
  6. Summary and keywords (in Polish / Ukrainian and English): (in bold type the words "Summary" and "Keywords"); volume up to 1000 symbols, keywords - no more than 5.
  7. Volume of the main text: 22500-25000 symbols including summary. Texts that significantly violate the volume will not be allowed to print!
  8. Links are set at the bottom of the page and numbered.
  9. References at the end of the main text are given in alphabetical order without numbering.
  10. Tables, drawings, diagrams, etc. should be submitted separately in jpg or pdf formats with high quality and resolution, black and white, transparent and accurately prepared.
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