Vectorization of raster images of geographic maps using Photoshop and Arcview software

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

In paper are considered the problems of digitization of traditional geographical maps, which contain on hard carriers, with the help of programs Photoshop and ArcView. This process is divided on three stages: scanning, handling of graphics images and their vectorization. The main attention is given to problems connected to handling of the scanned images of a map in the graphics editor Photoshop and their conversion in vector format by the ArcView program. Methods of work are explicitly described, the practical advices which allow considerably to speed up and to facilitate the process of handling the graphics are given, the examples of usage of non-standard ArcView tools are represented. The explained technique is accompanied by an illustrative material. The map of soils of Lviv district, obtained by the described technology, is represented also.

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