Department of photogrammetry and geoinformatics celebrates 50 years anniversary

: pp. 3 - 8
Dorozhynskyy O.

Over 50 years of photogrammetry technology have been drastically changed.
Technical support learning process is changing. For lectures teachers are using computer presentations. In laboratories of digital photogrammetry, geographic information technology, automation of photogrammetric processes, terrestrial laser scanning each student granted a personal workstation. High tech, new technologies, access to the Internet – this is the reality of the educational process at the department today.
Looking back on the passed path we saluted our predecessors who nurtured our profession developed all areas of scientific, methodological and educational content. Not counting here all teachers by name, we note that full information on their activities and achievements is presented in a special monograph on the history of the department.
Guiding mind in the future, we are confident that our next generation of teachers and scientists will firmly keep professional flag of department. Let not forget the motto: “Teach youth and learn yourselves”.