Improvement of the technology of creating electronic maps on the example of maps for auto navigation

: pp. 77 - 81
Received: September 12, 2013
Accepted: October 23, 2013

As in any new, rapidly developed sphere in the digital navigation mapping is already begun to climb issues related to improving technology mapping. Therefore, in this situation, especially important to pay attention to the process of drawing navigation maps - the clear definition of object, distribution of objects in layers and levels of scale range. To address these problems we offered the technique of digital cartographic basis for navigation maps, which accounted established norms in the study value items foundations maps and thematic content. The technique is based on the general concept cameral geo mapping, developed at the Department of Cartography MIIGAiK. under the supervising of Prof. A.G. Ivanova. The implementation of methodology in car navigation mapping will solve these problems and will create digital cartographic basis for car navigation maps to the required area in a given scale with optimal graphics load and density of cartographic objects.

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