Development methods of large-equipment installation in design position using electronic total stations

Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Today in Ukraine there are dozens of turbogenerators (TG) in operation, a significant part of which have been in operation for over 35 ÷ 50 years, which exceeds their service life in accordance with regulatory documents. The actual technical condition of the TG is determined by many geometrical parameters, among which the crucial ones are those that characterize it as a mechanical system (axis of the aggregate and the axis of the stator). Today, the control of the position of the axes must be performed with an accuracy of 0.5 mm, and is carried out in three ways (using a string, using an optical autoreflex system (PPS-11), using a test shaft). The purpose of these studies is to develop a method for monitoring the geometric parameters of the TG stator when replacing it with geodetic methods using high-precision electronic total stations and its testing on site. Based on previous research, we propose to solve the following problems by the spatial method of electronic total station using a high-precision total station Leica TCRP1201R300. We performed a priori estimation of accuracy and a number of experiments (research to determine refocusing error, determination of distance measurement error at short lengths using a spherical reflector, study of the effect of non-perpendicularity of the measuring laser to the reflector) to develop methods for improving measurement accuracy using electronic total station. This technique has been tested on site during the repair (replacement) of the generator stator. As a result of the work carried out, the spatial position of the axes of the aggregate and the stator was determined with an accuracy of 0.3 mm, which were fixed in the conditional coordinate system by four marks. The method provides for the selection of optimal conditions for electronic tacheometer measurements, which compensate for errors in the initial data, instrumental, external conditions, sighting, centering and fixing. Also, the method provides for the control of each stage of work on a standard deviation of up to 0.2 mm. The number of measurement methods is determined by achieving the accuracy of each stage of 0.2 mm.

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