: pp. 56-63
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University, DP NDI «Systemа»
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Novovolynsk Electromechanical College

Object  temperature  diagnostics  by means  of  infrared  temperature measurements  as well  as measurements  of temperature gradients are considered. Values of the surface temperature carry information about the internal structure, defects and their  location  of measured  object. This  information  becomes  quite  important  for  preventive measures  and  repairs  of  technical objects.

The world production of infrared thermometers and pyrometers, thermal imagers and infrared cameras is quite significant. These measuring devices are small-sized, with low power consumption at comparatively high performance and the possibility of real-time  processing  information.  It  contributes  to  expanding  the  radiation  thermometers  and  infrared  cameras  application  in industry. However,  low  accuracy  of  infrared  temperature measurements  can  lead  to  inadequate  decisions  caused  by  inefficient analyze  of  thermograms. The  lack  of  correct  information  about  values  of  impact  factors  including  an  emissivity  coefficient  in industrial conditions becomes a decisive.

Therefore, enhancing the accuracy of temperature/temperature gradient measurements of object surface and developing of temperature measurement methodology in production cycles becomes more and more important.

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