Physical meaning of concepts "electrical charge" and "electric field"

: pp. 36-40
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev

In physics, as in other sciences, scientific results are often presented formally, without appropriate disclosure of their physical meaning. For example, in the discussion about interacting charged bodies the meaning of charge is not discussed. It is shown that the term "electric charge" in science is conditional and has an auxiliary symbolic meaning. In reality there is a "positive" and "negative" substance in nature. There is no any charge isolated apart from the substance. In fact, in nature there are a proton and an electron as a matter. The substance of the electron and the proton substance are different by their nature. Therefore, it is logical to assume the substance as a "positive" or "negative" charge itself. It is shown that substances of electrons and protons should emit some unknown particles, that cause the interaction between "charged" bodies. The space distribution of interacted particles forms an electric field.

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