The aspect of balance in the implementation of the principle of openness and transparency of the civil service institute: the issue of “Cyber sovereignity”

The article is devoted to the definition of aspects of balance in the implementation of the principle of openness and transparency of the civil service institute, as well as consideration of this issue in the context of the challenges of the information society, in particular, in relation to "cyber-sovereignization".

Public participation as a key principle of the openness of the judiciary: genesis and globalization aspects

Annotation. The article analyzes the historical-legal and recent globalization trends in the development of the principle of public participation as a factor of judicial openness.

It was established that open governance guarantees transparency, accountability and openness of government, while simultaneously increasing opportunities for citizen participation. It has been proven that it is in demand in the exercise of judicial power.


The article is devoted to the research of problems of the functional and planning structure of existing objects of publicly accessible public spaces within the university campuses of the city of Lviv and identifying the main trends in their design and successful functioning. Based on the analysis of the scientific publications and studies that related to this topic, the main aspects of the formation of public space at the universities were presented.

Development of a Web Application for Taking Tests by Blind People

The main purpose of this article is to de- scribethe process of creating a web application designed specifically for blind individuals to take tests. The author discusses the challenges that visually impaired individuals face when taking tests and how the new web application addresses these challenges. The application has been devel- oped using web accessibility guidelines and includes features such as screen reader compatibility, speech recognition, keyboard navigation, and high-contrast options.

Theoretical and legal study of the prinsiple of access to the healht care

The aim of the article is to analyze the theoretical aspects of the implementation of the principle of accessibility in the field of health care. One of the most important in the life of man and society is the field of health care. The principle of access to health care has been shown to be crucial to ensuring a patient's legal status, and is set out in many international instruments. International law defines the basic standards of accessibility to health care, which provide financial, territorial, professional and information accessibility.