acoustic paths

Software for Calculating the Location Coordinates and Weighting Coefficients of Acoustic Paths of Ultrasonic Flow Meters

The article focuses on the development of software that allows you to calculate the location coordinates (x) and weighting coefficients (w) of acoustic paths of multipath chordal ultrasonic flow meters. The input data for the calculation are three (and in one case – four) parameters – the number of acoustic paths (N) ultrasonic flow meter, the type of numerical integration method, the internal diameter of the pipeline and degree (k) of weight function of Jacobi polynomial (if the Gauss-Jacobi numerical integration method was chosen).

Reduction of Hydrodynamic Flow Measurement Error of Chordal Ultrasonic Flowmeter

In this work, ways of reducing the hydrodynamic flow measurement error of chordal ultrasonic flowmeter for the distributed location schemes of their acoustic paths are investigated. The method of calculating optimal location coordinates of the acoustic paths of ultrasonic flowmeters is considered in detail, using the analytical-empirical power law of the distribution of the velocity of the undistorted flow. As a result of the work, the authors calculated the optimal arrangement of acoustic paths for chordal schemes of two- and three-path ultrasonic flowmeters.