administrative decisions

Improving administrative decision-making processes in Ukraine by ensuring their publicity under martial law

Problem statement. The requirement to make timely and correct administrative decisions is  relevant for public management at any level, in all countries  and in all historical periods. Therefore, many managers wonder how to develop a mechanism for making such a decision. There are conditions in which the administrative decision-making process acquires additional complications.

Peculiarities of administrative decision-making in local government bodies

Formulation of the problem. In modern conditions of decentralization in Ukraine, local authorities receive new rights, powers and responsibilities corresponding the role and functions they are called to perform before the state and the people. Accordingly, the range of management actions they must implement is expanded and updated, which obliges local self-government  bodies  to  pay  special  attention  to  the  adoption  of  high-quality  and effective decisions within their competence.

Actual questions of informative and prognostication providing in state administration system in Ukraine

In the article analysed informative and prognostication providing of state administration. Was analysed basic problems informative and prognostication providing of state administration and possible ways of their decision.