administrative justice

European experience in hearing and resolving electoral disputes in administrative justice

The research is devoted to the study of the European experience of hearing and resolving electoral disputes in the administrative justice system. The availability of a national system of effective consideration of disputes concerning legal relations related to the election or referendum process is one of the basic guarantees of free and fair elections. Ukraine is a state that is integrating into the European legal space, thus the European system of standards is of key importance.

The procedure for consideration of certain categories of administrative cases of insignificant complexity by the court

The article examines simplified claim proceedings as one of the forms of administrative justice, which is designed to consider cases of insignificant complexity (insignificant case) and other cases that need to be resolved quickly. Based on the analysis of the norms of procedural law and judicial practice, the characteristic features of the court's consideration of administrative cases of the least complexity are highlighted.

The role and importance of the principles of law in the formation of modern administrative law

The article examines the role and importance of the basic principles of law in the formation of administrative law. It is noted that the most important task of the modern stage of the development of administrative law is the legal provision of the functioning of public authorities, their bodies and employees, as well as forms and methods of activity on the principles of the rule of law.

Development of administrative justice in the context of the judicial reform of Ukraine

The article is devoted to the consideration of issues related to the development of
administrative justice, taking into account the ongoing judicial reform in Ukraine, which is
designed to protect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of a person and citizen by
timely, effective and fair resolution of disputes in public law based on the rule of law

The accuracy of administrative process interpretation by the disputed of legal nature

In the article disputed nature of administrative process is investigational through the prism of analysis of legal relationships of administrative justice and administrative responsibility. Normative regulation and theoretical interpretations of category are analysed “administrative process”.

Subjects system administrative court of Ukraine

The article deals with the scientific and regulatory approaches to the definition of “subject  of  administrative  justice”,  the  classification  of  subjects  in  administrative  legal proceedings was studied. The legal status of the subjects of administrative legal proceedings depends directly on its legislative definition, but its implementation is connected with active or passive forms of execution of the functions of the parties, and other procedural participants in court proceedings.

Goal, task and principle of the administrative court of Ukraine in the modern stage of reforming the ukrainian judiciary

The article deals with issues of development of administrative justice, its purpose and principles. The process, which is carried out by an administrative court, acquires the meaning of administrative proceedings.

The notion of the subject authority in administrative justice of Ukraine

The article deals with the notion of the subject authority through the clarification of correlation of the terms “public person” and “official person”. The author proves the necessity in national legislation, including the Code of Administrative Justice of Ukraine, to use the term “public person”, which will have positive impact on the practice of its application.