administrative-legal regulation

Current state of administrative and legal regulation of domestic tourism industry

The article is devoted to the research of the current state of administrative-legal regulation
of the domestic tourism industry, since it is one of the key components of the whole set of diverse
farms. It is closely linked to the development of the whole economic policy of a particular state, and
therefore deserves state and international support no less than other branches.

Administrative and legal regulation of insurance as a type of enterprise activity

The article is devoted to the study of insurance as an entrepreneurial activity, which is a
professional protection of property interests of individuals and legal entities, at the expense of
which funds are formed cash funds intended to cover material losses associated with the onset
of certain events. An efficient, financially stable insurance system protects the society from
many social shocks, stimulates business activity, improves the investment climate, contributing
to economic growth in the state as a whole.

Security safety in the field of tourism: administrative and legal measurement

The article is devoted to the study of administrative and legal security in the field of
tourism, which at the end of the ХХ century, the beginning of the ХІХ century has become
important for the individual, society and the state, since tourist trips are primarily related to
the implementation of human rights to recreation and leisure, freedom of movement, the right
to access cultural property, as well as other universally recognized human and civil rights and
freedoms. Instead, tourism performs important cultural, environmental, economic, social,

Prerequisites of reference of counteraction of economy to tenization to subject to administrative and legal regulation (conceptual measurement)

In the article an analysis of the prerequisites for the counteraction of the shadow economy to the object of administrative and legal regulation based on the conceptual approaches of the relation of law and economy is conducted. It is emphasized on the special role of administrative-legal regulation of economic relations. Separately highlighted the main directions of content of administrative and legal counteraction to the shadowing of the economy.