Investigation of Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System

Unsuitable climatic conditions, various natural disasters and instability and unpredictability of the weather significantly complicate cultivation, and sometimes make it even impossible. To ensure the best conditions for cultivation and the highest yields, farmers began to use greenhouses. However, in our hectic lives, people are constantly busy with something and there is no enough time. Long trips, business trips, vacations are also possible. It is becoming increasingly difficult to provide the necessary conditions for plants to grow on their own.

Use of zeolite in agriculture and environmental protection. A short review

In recent years there has been an increasing interest in the possibility of the use of natural aluminosilicates in agriculture and environmental protection. Zeolites are a large group of (cluster silicates) aluminosilicate minerals with different chemical composition. Due to their unique physical and chemical properties (high sorption capacity and ion-exchange, ion-exchange selectivity and structural thermal stability), they can be used for example in the production of mineral fertilizers. Zeolites can also be used as a medium of the active substances i.e.

Теоретичний аналіз та практичні можливості використання органічних відходів агропромислового комплексу як один з шляхів до економії енергоресурсів в Україні

The main suppliers of minerals to crops today are chemical fertilizers. A good example of the implementation of efficient and environmentally friendly agro-industrial production are farms with closed loop motion biomass and energy – the so-called bioconversion complex. Their main components – crops, livestock and energy are closely interrelated and can be balanced. Today, great importance is also the production and use of microbial preparations for agriculture. The basis of their nitrogen-fixing is, phosphorus and methane bacteria.

Amphiphilic aminofuncional diesterethers as dispersed system stabilizers

Over the last decades the surfactants have been objects of intensive fundamental and applied studies all over the world. The efficient surface active and emulsifiable properties of these compounds are widely used to control processes of the watering, suspension stabilization, gelling and foaming. These properties provide their practical application in the pharmaceutical, food, wood-pulp, petroleum industry, agriculture and environment purification.

Systematic approach in formation of conceptual principles of agrilogistics

The article deals with the issue of constructing agrilogistics concept based on a systematic approach. Current trends in the development of the agricultural sector show the necessity of an effective agrilogistics as the integrated control element. Basic principles of a systematic approach to the agrilogistics concept are defined.

Funding of innovations in the agricultural sector of Ukraine under conditions of sustainable development model

The necessity of improving the model of innovations funding in the agrarian sector of Ukraine with the account of globalization processes is proven. The model constructed by the rule of «the golden sequence» is proposed.