Amphiphilic aminofuncional diesterethers as dispersed system stabilizers

Ferens M.V., Nosova N.G., Fihurka N.V., Dron I.A., Varvarenko S.M.

Lviv Polytechnic National University,  Department of Organic Chemistry

Over the last decades the surfactants have been objects of intensive fundamental and applied studies all over the world. The efficient surface active and emulsifiable properties of these compounds are widely used to control processes of the watering, suspension stabilization, gelling and foaming. These properties provide their practical application in the pharmaceutical, food, wood-pulp, petroleum industry, agriculture and environment purification. In the last years the new area of so-called green chemistry stating task to develop the new compounds including surfactants based on the natural raw materials has been arisen. The usage of substances of natural origin in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals production is popular trend conditioned by the necessity of decreasing of conventional surfactants effects such as toxicity, allergenicity and attaching ability to degrade under natural conditions [1,2].

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