Biocompatible Gel-like Forms of Drugs on the Basis of Solutions of Polysaccharide Chitosan with Alcohols

We propose an approach to the preparation of viscoelastic systems based on chitosan without crosslinking agents. It is the formation of an additional network of physical links by introducing a low molecular weight modifier – ethanol or glycerol. It turns out that gelation of chitosan in the solution is accompanied by the formation of additional meshes of physical links, nodes or aggregates of chitosan macromolecules formed in a mixed solvent of acetic acid-water-glycerol or acetic acid-waterethanol.

Вдосконалення процесу обробки сивушної олії

This article is devoted to the experimental results of the different methods of processing of fusel oil to the concentration of higher alcohols. It is found that the best results are obtained by processing with sodium chloride of standardized fusel oil with a high content of isoamyl alcohol and low content n-propanol and ethanol. The process of salting out of water from fusel oil should be implemented after flushing with water and extracting from it the lower alcohols.