аналітична філсоофія

The Survey of 30th jubilee edition of the colloquium in memoriam of the founder of Lviv-Warsaw School Kazimierz Twardowski in the new format

30th Jubilee Twardowski’s Readings were organized by Kazimierz Twardowski Lviv Philosophical Society with the cooperation of the Chair of Philosophy in Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute for Philosophy, Logic, and Sociology (Lviv) and Institute for Philosophy in University of Warsaw. The Readings were hosted by Center for Urban History of East Central Europe. The new format of Twardowski’s readings was introduced.

Analytic philosophy becomes closer…

In this review, the development of contemporary analytic philosophy is considered from the productive point of view, not from the reproductive or historic one. The reviewer suggests that Synytsya’s monograph is strong needed for Ukrainian philosophical discourse because its analytic component is very weak or even absent. This monograph is presented the main actual problems that are elaborated by analytic philosophers fromWittgenstein to Kripke and Churchland. Those problems include the problem of consciousness (mind-body problem), artificial intellect, reference, truth etc.