Analytic philosophy becomes closer…

: 75-77
Received: December 25, 2017
Accepted: April 02, 2018
Lviv National Polytechnic University

In this review, the development of contemporary analytic philosophy is considered from the productive point of view, not from the reproductive or historic one. The reviewer suggests that Synytsya’s monograph is strong needed for Ukrainian philosophical discourse because its analytic component is very weak or even absent. This monograph is presented the main actual problems that are elaborated by analytic philosophers fromWittgenstein to Kripke and Churchland. Those problems include the problem of consciousness (mind-body problem), artificial intellect, reference, truth etc. The author of monograph analyses the two main turn in contemporary analytic philosophy: the pragmatic and the cognitive. The last turn is connected with the big interest of analytic philosophers in the problems of mind-body relation and consciousness. The reviewer’s critics of the monograph is concentrated on the author doesn’t present own contributions to resolving of mentioned problems and his own position is a little presented in the monograph.

Nagel, T. (1991). Mortal Questions. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Synytsya, A. (2017). Contemporary Analytic Philosophy: From Pragmatics of Language to the Conceptualization of Consciousness. [In Ukrainian]. Lviv: Ivan Franko Lviv National University Press.