archival aerial image

Study of digital elevation models of objects of historical and cultural heritage created over different years

The purpose of the work is to investigate the digital elevation models of the mass grave of 1944, built on the basis of aerial and cartographic data of different times. The implementation of the task involves the construction of digital elevation models (DEM) on the territory of the Jewish mass grave in the city of Vynnyky and Italian prisoners of war near the city. On the territory of the Jewish mass grave in the city of Vynnyky, a DEM was created based on a stereo pair of archival aerial images obtained in 1944 and on the basis of aerial photography from a UAV conducted in 2015.

Determination of location of the historical objects using photogrammetric methods and methods of non-destructive ground research

The aim of the research was to determine the territory of the mass graves near Ralivka village (Lviv region) using  archival data and to display them on modern maps. To define the place of mass executions and burials from the World War II period applying ground geophysical methods on the locations pre-defined from the archival aerial images obtained by the Germans in 1944. Methods.