Problem statement. This research addresses the challenge of accurately determining the fullness of the hopper within a screw press for optimal oil extraction efficiency and quality. Existing weight or volume-based measurement methods can often struggle with determining the feed hopper fullness due to variable oil weights during extraction stages, material heterogeneity, environmental influences and imprecise instrument calibration. Purpose.

A Computer System for Collecting Data on Temperature and Humidity on Premises

Abstract: Nowadays, it is impossible to do without cli- mate control in enterprises, especially when these are en- terprises that manufacture products that can become unus- able under the influence of environmental factors such as high or low temperature, humidity, and dryness. Basically, in most enterprises, finding a solution to this issue is re- quired by state standards, which cannot be ignored, be- cause it can harm people.

Weather station for monitoring the microclimate in the room on Arduino platform

In this project was shown approaches to the implementation of a weather station for monitoring the microclimate in the room on Arduino platform. Considered a platform for project development and software environment. The virtual scheme of the weather station is modeled. The main functions of the components are described and their connection to the microcontroller is shown. The process of firmware of the microcontroller is considered. The algorithm of system operation is described. A functional electrical diagram were also constructed.

Development of the System Is for the Selection of Films With the Use of Client-server Architecture

This article proposes a cost effective IoT smart home security platform that delivers data in the cloud for applications. The smart security system includes a network for sensing home monitoring devices via wireless ISM communication, a home security system control controller with an Internet connection using a Wifi connection, and a backup method of notifying the user is implemented by SMS message via GSM cellular network, cloud server and applications for mobile phones on the Android operating system.