Determination of the Rate Constant of Microorganisms Destruction after Ultrasound Water Treatment and Different Gases Action

The change of microorganisms number (rod-like spore-containing Bacillus cereus bacteria type) for the range of 102 ÷ 106 CFU in 1 cm3 from the duration of simultaneous action of ultrasound (US) cavitation and the nature of different gas (carbon dioxide, oxygen, argon) is presented. The graphical dependences of the effective rate constant values of microorganisms destruction (kd) on its initial number per unit volume of water at different modes of its treatment are shown.

Synergistic Effect of Ultrasound Cavitation and Gas in the Water Disinfection

The paper considers water purification processes from Bacillus bacteria type under the conditions of gases bubbling only (argon, helium, oxygen, and carbon dioxide), cavitation and combined action of gas and cavitation. The synergistic effect was found under conditions of simultaneous action of gas and cavitation (kd(gas/US ) >kd(gas) + kd(US) almost double) and it was shown that kd(gas/US) >kd(gas) by almost an order of magnitude.