atmospheric precipitation

Portable System for Sampling Liquid Atmospheric Precipitation

The paper considers the possibility of determining the permanent and random sources of pollution of the environment by the level of pollution of liquid atmospheric precipitation. The problems of liquid atmospheric precipitation testing and monitoring of pollution concentration during precipitation are outlined. The expediency of developing of a portable system that allows collecting samples of liquid atmospheric precipitation in autonomous modes at different time intervals and periods of rainfall, regardless of the place of its installation, is substantiated.

Influence of atmospheric precipitation on vertical movements of Earth's surface in geodynamic micropolygon in Poltava

On the basis of ten years observation in geodynamic micropolygon in Poltava an estimation of influence of atmospheric precipitation on the vertical movements of the upper layer of soil and of the earth's surface is carried out. Numerical characteristics of influence of atmospheric precipitation and evapotranspiration on vertical displacements of earth's surface and also their seasonal features are given.