The Paradigms of Learning and Teaching in a Technical University: Axiological Aspect

The category of “learning paradigm”, approaches to the definition of this category, and the main modern paradigms of education (pedagogical, andragogical, acmeological and communicative) are considered in the article. The andragogical paradigm of guided learning and teaching, which is an important methodological basis of a person’s higher education (including technical one) at all the stages of their development is substantiated and its potential is characterized in comparison with other learning paradigms.

Theoretical and methodological approaches to the definition of the concept and the essence of federalism

The theoretical and methodological analysis of approaches to the definition of the concept and essence of federalism is carried out. The content and the system of principles of federalism with the help of modeling, typing, classification and legal and factual interpretation of theoretical and methodological approaches are examined.

Welsh nationalism

The article refers to the Welsh, one of nations inhabiting the area of the United Kingdom. The aim of the study is to demonstrate the specificity of Welsh nationalism, which despite strong English domination, allowed this nation to preserve its tradition, culture, language for centuries, and create a rational attempt to maintain their own identity on the British Isles. Analysis of British nationalism shows that the Welsh are most often treated as the “last in line” after Englishmen, Irishmen from North and Scots.