Mathematical modelling to industrial repair and maintenance policy system for its reliability

The present paper is an initiative taken by emerging reliability model to a automobile repair industries for its products by dividing repair policy into two categories as (a) regular/normal service and (b) strategy for accidental or additional failure.  The concept of inspection process has been introduced for proper verification of failure and also to its repairing strategy with time and cost.  The maintenance cost for regular services are fixed but for the case of additional failures the additional cost will be decided upon the level of damage.  The stochastic analysi

Load-sharing Accounting Between the Renewable Communication Channels of the System of Three Iot-devices Connected by a Triangle

The k-terminal dynamic fault trees for a system of three IoT-devices connected by a triangle are formed. Based on the fault tree a state and transition diagram is generated. This model can take into account adequately) load-sharing effects between renewable communication channels. Availability characteristics and failure causes characteristics are calculated based on Monte-Carlo simulation and comparative analysis for obtained results is done.