biotechnical systems

Algorithmic Approach to Design New Medical Equipment.

The article investigates the possibility of algorithmic design of complex electronic medical equipment. Such equipment is considered as an element of the biotechnical system, which is a separate variant of the cyber-physical system. A biotech system is a complex that includes a biological object, electronic medical equipment, and a potential user. The design of electronic medical equipment is complex and depends on the characteristics of the biotechnical system.

Peculiarities of instrumental means biomedic cyberphysic system

The paper presents research materials related to the construction of biotechnical systems as components of cyberphysical systems of biomedical purposes. The proposed generalized structures of biomedical biotechnical systems allow us to formulate and solve the problems of designing such biotechnical systems as a component of cyberphysical systems. Considered, analyzed and proposed a number of practical measures for the creation of instrumental biotechnical systems.