Оцінка ефективності вибору порядку методу в алгоритмі чисельного інтегрування на основі різниць вищих порядків

Розглянуто алгоритм чисельного інтегрування на основі різниць вищих порядків та виділено фактори, які впливають на вибір порядку методу. Запропоновано алгоритм оцінки ефективності вибору порядку методу, проведено його дослідження на тестовому наборі схем та зроблено висновки щодо методу керування обчисленнями.

Розроблення архітектури системи синтезу мікроелектромеханічних систем

Стаття присвячена розробленню архітектури системи, що доє змогу розробнику автоматизувати процес структурного синтезу МЕМС, використовуючи ситуативно базовану аргументацію.

This article is devoted to system architecture development, which solves MEMS structural synthesis tasks using case-based reasoning.

Automated design of printed circuit boards made by electronic computer –aided design (CAD) with the next using in CNC- machine

The article presents methods and means of 3D design of printed circuit boards in CAx. Automated placement of elements on the board is implemented by means of API SolidWorks using Visual Studio C#. The API application works by an algorithm that allows you to create a 3D layout of printed circuit boards. Each component of the library contains a conditional graphic notation of the element.

Implementation of Fpga-based Pseudo-random Words Generator

A hardware implementation of pseudo-random bit generator based on FPGA chips, which use the principle of reconfigurability that allows the modernization of their algorithms and on-line replacement of the internal structure (reconfiguration) in the process of functioning have been considered in the paper. Available DSP blocks embedded into the structure of FPGA chips allow efficient hardware implementation of the pseudorandom bit generator through the implementation of the basic operations of multiplication with accumulation on the gate level.


In the article, the basic VHDL-AMS models of MEMS-based capacitive accelerometers were developed. The models were designed for two basic types of capacitive accelerometers, namely lamellar and counter-pivotal. The developed models allow us to determine the source of electrical capacitive accelerometers depending on the incoming mechanical and structural parameters and were constructed for MEMS CAD at the circuit level. The circuit level of MEMS development requires an analysis of the total integrated device electric circuits.

Моделювання досвіду користувача програмного забезпечення САПР накопиченням діалогової інформаційної діяльності

Approaches to the collection and accumulation of information parameters from user interface software CAD Software (on MEMS example) presented to further systematize and project evaluation to improve the quality of software user interfaces.

Інтеграція знань у САПР ТП із використанням високорівневих мереж Петрі

The work presented incremental method for dynamic description of the product and its manufacturing processes in CAD TP using high-level Petri nets for integration of knowledge represented as production rules and frames. The method of resolving conflicts in models has been built using high-level Petri nets.

Розроблення чотирирівневої моделі онтології автоматизації синтезу МЕМС

In the paper the four-layer ontology model for automated design of microelectromechanical systems is proposed and the peculiarities of every level are described.

Класифікація інтерактивних взаємодій користувача з програмним забезпеченням

The paper shows the version of systematized classification of user interactions with software as a hierarchical structure to speed up the type selection in the implementation and development of computer-aided design of user interfaces.

Computer-aided design system for technical and economical comparison of crane electrical drives

Computer-aided design system for technical and economic comparison of crane electrical drives, considering the ratio of static and dynamic modes, load and moment inertia, relative running time with reduced speed, is designed. The computer-aided design system provides an opportunity to make a better informed decision about the choice or upgrading of electrical drives.