Features of word combination terminology formation in Ukrainian linguistics

The article deals with the history of formation of word combination terminology as a part of Ukrainian syntactic terminology. On the basis of historical sources it is possible to discover the contribution of Ukrainian grammarians in the development of syntactic terminology connected with the revival of theoretical achievements of the Ukrainian syntactic science since the second half of the nineteenth century. The presentation of term usage in linguistic works allows determining the main trends of term creation, one of which declares a Ukrainian basis.

Synonymy in the Ukrainian linguistic terminological lexicon of the XVI–XVII centuries

The article is devoted to the analyses of the views of the Ukrainian and foreign terminologists of the problem of synonymy terminological lexicon. The author observes synonymic rows of scientific linguistic names, used in the relicts of the Ukrainian language of the XVI-XVII c., and assertains, that in early periods synonymy was wide-spread and played positive role. The intra- and extralinguistic causes of appearance of the synonymic rows are also counted over.