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Relationship Between Conflict Management Strategies and Economic Growth of Organisation

Conflicts are considered to be the most unpredictable issues in organisations. It is mainly associated with the opposing of ideas and actions which results in causing a hostile state among the members that affects the performance of the organization. Hence, it is imperative for the organization to develop conflict management strategies for avoiding conflicts that can support in its growth. The aim of the following study is to evaluate the relationship between the conflict management strategies and economic growth of the organisation.

Gender prospects in professional activity and gender inequalities in the labor market

The legal support of gender equality in the professional activity of women is analyzed, on
the basis of statistical data, the composition of the judiciary corps in Ukraine and the
percentage of women in the courts are analyzed, attention is focused on the gender distribution
of heads of legal entities and private entrepreneurs in Ukraine. The content of the concept
«glass ceiling» in the professional activity of a woman is determined.