centrifugal pump

Modelling the Modes of System of Asynchronous Centrifugal Units of Multi-Unit Pumping Station with Serial Connection of Pumps

Based on the current regulations on pipeline transport, the need for a systematic approach to the study of processes occurring in the technological complexes of pumping stations of the main pipelines and their power supply systems is shown.

Dynamic Modes of Synchronous Electric Drive with Centrifugal Hydraulic Load of Pump Station

The contemporary state of the modelling of the pump station’s electric drive in a complex with its centrifugal hydraulic load has been analysed. It was found that most studies focus either on the modelling and development of automatic control systems for the asynchronous electric drive of pumps or on the optimization of performance indicators of the station as a whole. Besides, usually only one of the subsystems of a pumping station (or an electrically-operated pump unit) is modelled with a good degree of detail: either electromagnetic or hydraulic.

Dynamic Modelling of Centrifugal Hydraulic Load of Pumping Station Electric Drive

The paper analyzes modern trends in modelling the centrifugal hydraulic load of the pumping station electric drive. It was found that a very simplified approach to the representation of one of the inextricably linked subsystems (hydraulic or electromechanical) is mostly used, which significantly reduces the possibility of a complex analysis of the processes in its individual elements. Models based on this approach can be effectively applied to solve highly specialized tasks and do not always give a clear idea of ​​the state and modes of all the elements of the subsystems.

Modeling of Hydraulic Load of Electric Drive in Electrical Complex of Pumping Station

The paper analyses the contemporary state of the electric drive hydraulic load modelling in the pumping stations’ electrotechnical complex applications. It was found that in the vast majority of cases, mathematical models do not allow taking into account the specificities of fluid pumping and its consumption at the same time with a balanced degree of detail.

Influence of Parameters of Induction Motor-Centrifugal Pump Units with Hydropaths Connected in Series on their Modes

Using the mathematical model of the pump station power supply system in steady-state modes developed by the author, the influence of the parameters of induction motor-centrifugal pump units with in-series-connected hydropaths of the pumps on their steady-state modes was studied. A comparison was drawn on the operation of a number of coupled units with different pump ratings. It was revealed that the difference in rated flow of the operating fluid in centrifugal pumps results in the fact that only the unit with the lowest operating fluid rated flow works effectively.