chemical structure

Composition and Structure of Coal Organic Mass. 2. Kinetic Models of Metamorphism

Regularities of changes in solid fuel elemental composition during metamorphism have been investigated. A mathematical model describing these regularities as functions of Cdaf has been developed. Experimental data of artificial coalification confirm that it is an experimental model of natural metamorphism. 

Composition and Structure of Coal Organic Mass. 4. Generalized Conception of the Composition of Solid Fuel Molecular Structures and Chemism of Metamorphism Process

“Jumps” in structure composition and properties of solid fuel have been determined using the model of metamorphism dynamics. For these “moments” of the geological age the elemental composition and structural peculiarities of “molecules” have been determined and approved by stoichiometric equations of the reactions, material balances of the stages and the agreement between the combustion heat of model compounds and coals of similar elemental composition. 

Composition and Structure of Coal Organic Mass. Analytical Review

The research works dedicated to the formation regularities of solid fuels chemical structure were analyzed. Modern conceptions of coals chemical structure, which are becoming deeper owing to tooling growth and facts accumulation, were examined by means of critical comparison of different hypothetical models of solid fuels “molecular” structure. The most general points of the respective theories were formulated, according to which “soft” influence on coal structure primary elements bonds system allows bringing its chemical potential to the maximum.