Investigation of hydraulic resistance of a straight cyclon with a coaxial inset

Goal. The problem in research work can be solved by using of experimental research of dependence of hydraulic resistance of a cyclone on expenses of a gas stream and geometrical parameters of the device. Actuality of the work is to optimize the design of a direct-flowing cyclone with a coaxial inset according to the hydraulic characteristics of the device.

Design optimisation and prognostication of cleaning efficiency of cyclone with spiral directing apparatus

Goal. Stated problem in scientific article could be solved by computer modeling of gas stream motion in working area using CFD - programs. Knowledge about structure of gas stream and the trajectory of motion of dust particles afford us to evaluate the efficiency of its work and optimize the design of apparatus. Significance of work consists in evaluation of efficiency of work of cleaning apparatus using CFD - programs. Experiments that is conducted using CFD - programs considerably accelerate the process of researches and are cheaper.